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XD 3095


XD 3095

The market for about 32 inch -60 inch flat-panel TVs, iron pipe glass products from the perfect combination of stylish, sleek, high product availability, easy installation, in fact, the best choice for leisure at home.


All scaffolds used in air horizon air horizon all through strict inspection system.
Multi-angle cabinet bracket
A 3mm cold-rolled plate, solid durable, long-term use does not ensure that the products of corrosion or deformation.

Quality wood
Exquisite wood brings incomparable affinity, soft corner treatment, humane prevent accidental shocks.

Tempered glass
TV cabinet in a 3mm toughened glass, compared to ordinary glass, safety performance carrying capacity is greatly improved.

The rys top professional rack manufacturer, design patents, bringing you convenient, comfortable, durable, user-friendly user experience.

Mounting Dream
Model no. XD 3095
Fits for most of 32"-60" TVs
Weight capacity: 60 KG(132lbs)
Swivel angle: -45°~45° 

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