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Fit into a 32-65-inch LED TV monitor, turn left 45 degrees of freedom, an instant turn-around perspective, seamless precision fit walls, completely coincide only for the 55mm, so that more three-dimensional visual dynamic.


All scaffolds used in air horizon air horizon all through strict inspection system.

Multi-angle cantilever bracket
A 3mm cold-rolled plate, solid durable, to ensure that products will not corrode or prolonged use

Multi angle adjustment
Humanized design, whether you want to watch any angle in the room are able to meet, intimate love your vision.

Wide double cantilever
About 45 degrees wide arm. Also you can pull away from the wall 55-390mm, the maximum extent to meet the requirements of the angle of viewing TV.

The rys top professional rack manufacturer, design patents, bringing you convenient, comfortable, durable, user-friendly user experience.

Mounting Dream
Model no.XD 2214
Fits for most of 32"-65" TVs
VESA:Upto 100/600x400mm
Weight capacity: 40 KG(88 lbs)
Tilt angle:  
+5°/ -15°
Swivel  angle:  ±45°

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